Our Philosophy


We want each customer to experience our creations through a holistic approach, engaging your senses with each bite. We want to seduce your palette, excite your mind and engage you in a most unique experience.


We want to change your perception of dining.


Suzette Peters




Food Philosophy


Passion, Authenticity, Sustainability


Understanding each ingredient is paramount in creating any dish. Knowing where your food comes from, its seasonality, and the flavours it offers are essential in providing an exciting menu and sustainable future.


Wild food; respecting its natural environment, the medicinal and nutritious aspects of wild forged ingredients, are simply at the core of our passion for food.


Educating our customers on the wonders and sustainability of local wild ingredients and developing partnerships with area farmers, promotes and supports our local economy.


We believe in the union of nature’s bounty, local farms, and forest to food concepts for endless creativity and exquisite cuisine.


Mark Currier

Head Chef



Service Philosophy

We are a dedicated team who bring elegant, comfortable service to life, ensuring every guest feels unique and special.


We are committed to going above and beyond to thrill our guests in their experience with us.


Fine dining service without pretense. We serve with an entrepreneurial heart and bring to life the sentimentality that we are all responsible for the success of the Nest. We take pride in all of our efforts, big and small, just as a true owner would, sparing no minor detail along the way


We will become known as the greatest experience in the North.

Ainslie Loney


Our Mission

Exquisite Cuisine

Elevated Cocktails

Elegantly Charming

Endlessly Creative

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